Are you stuck on sugar?

Break free from cravings in the brand-new 5-Day Sugar Detox Challenge!


5 Steps in 5 Days.

5 strategies to help you cut back on sugar.

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Kick off your sugar detox by purging tempting treats and setting the stage for success.

Make a Plan

Plot your course to a sugar-free week, outlining meals, snacks, and strategies for staying on track.

Go Shopping

Arm yourself with wholesome alternatives as you stock up on nourishing foods to fuel your sugar-free journey.

Be Good to Yourself 

Embrace self-care and positive choices, rewarding yourself for each sugar-free victory.

Read Your Coaching Messages

Stay motivated with daily insights and guidance that reinforce your commitment to conquering sugar cravings.

Ready for the 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge?

Are you ready to taste the freedom of a life, less sweetened? Join us in the Sweet Liberation Movement and embark on a journey toward vitality, well-being, and a brighter future. Your health deserves nothing less!


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Who's behind this challenge?

Meet the dynamo that is Dai Manuel! He's the chief advocate for living life in the "FUN" lane – where Fitness, Family, Finances, and Faith unite in a spectacular collision of excitement. Think of him as the grandmaster of the #JustDidit revolution, encouraging thousands to grab life by the horns and wrangle it into a functional frenzy of fabulousness!

In his free time, Dai enjoys being a super-dad to his two teenage daughters, dating his wife of 23 years, and helping people navigate life's challenges and changes through coaching, mentorship, and education.